Knowledge transfer

  • Techniques for detecting and forensic analysis of organic, inorganic and emergent pollutants.
  • Projects of characterization of polluted terrains, risk analysis, and recovery through bioremediation and physical-chemical techniques.
  • Phytoremediation: Decontamination of soils/waters by the use of plants.
  • Isolation characterization and biotechnological applications of cultivated microorganisms through the environment. Use of the genetic capacity of non-cultivated populations to obtain products and processes with a biotechnological interest.
  • Optimization of biotechnological proacesses that involve microorganisms: depuration of waters and phytoremediation (rhyzospheres).
  • Biotechnological processes and analytical/geochemical characterization of fossil oil, its derivatives and other fuels in the phases of Exploration and Production.

Microbiología de un drenaje ácido de mina.